Ice, Ice, Baby.

I have added something new to my bucket list. Look at that picture up there. Are you not awestruck? That is the entrance hallway to a hotel built entirely of snow and carved ice. I have to admit that I really want to spend the night in one.

A company called Jukkas (now ICEHOTEL) built the first hotel of this kind in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden in 1990. Starting out as a modest 60 square foot igloo, every year the size of the hotel has increased. Now in its 20th year the Jukkasjärvi ice hotel covers 5,500 square feet, including an ice bar, an ice chapel, and plenty of rooms. The idea has also spun out to other countries with icy winter climates. There are about 8 ice hotels that pop up every year, according to Wikipedia.

My only reservation (aside from price) is the sleeping bit. It’s an ice hotel. How comfy can the beds be? I did some research and found out that the beds are first carved out of ice, then covered with a layer of foam padding. You then burrito yourself in a sleeping bag and cover up with animal pelts. PLUS, the hotels give you winter wear so you don’t freeze to death in the -5° temperatures. Sounds like an adventure, and once you see more pictures of these gorgeous seasonal hotels I think you’ll put up with the cold too.

More pictures after the jump!

    • jeff perritt
    • January 12th, 2010

    im totally going to that place in march haha

    • GET OUT! I’m so jealous! You have to take lots of pictures while you’re there.

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