Remember when commercials were actually funny?

I really miss Orbit Gum commercials. This one strikes me as especially clever. What a nice alternative to your grandmother washing your mouth out with soap. My grandmother never actually did that to me, but a friend’s mother threatened to when I was about 9. I think the offending word was “crap.” Rest assured, I let her know she was NOT the boss of me. Come to think of it, I don’t think I was invited over anymore after that.

Enough of that tangent. What are some of your favorite commercials? If there’s a video online, post a link in the comments!

  1. Well of course, the pothole commercial is fabulous.

    And during the Super Bowl (last year maybe? or two years ago) Miller High Life had one second commercials – that in my opinion were pretty funny. Here’s the youtube of the ads that didn’t make the cut..

    • “I’m a pothole…so….okay bye!”

      You have me almost crying with laughter at both of these, Johanna. Hadn’t seen either!

    • Muv
    • January 12th, 2010

    Thank goodness I didn’t wash your mouth out with soap…..I did to your mother one time and then heard it could really hurt her mouth….I was so sorry I ever did that and still regret it….love you….muv

    • I’m really glad about that too. I think Mom has told that story before. Too funny.

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