Jazz Hands

Have you ever felt completely different from the people around you, almost to the extent that you question whether you might actually be a different species altogether? I have. Wanna know why? I am a different species. I am an actor and actors are crazy. However, when you get a bunch of actors together for a long period (i.e. a four-year degree program or a resident theatre company), the craziness is so abundant that it almost neutralizes itself. I never realize how truly crazy I am until I come home.

Let’s take work tonight, for instance. Before I get into this story, I should probably tell you that I work for one of the top rated Italian restaurants in Atlanta. Now you know. Anyway, work was winding down. All my tables had left for the night. I cleaned up my section and calculated my end-of-the-night report. I handed the paperwork to Stephanie, my manager whom I’ve known for years, and proceeded to walk out of the room. I guess it was more than a walk, really. There may have been some jazz hands and possibly some shoulder isolations, but Frank Sinatra was playing on the speaker system and it seemed the only natural thing to do. In the social situations I’m used to, where everyone is an actor, that’s the expected way one exits a room. It catches no actor off-guard. Other actors typically join in and you wind up with a (500) Days of Summer-style musical number as you jive down the hall. Perfectly normal behavior.

This is not so in the suburban Atlanta restaurant scene, or most non-theatre locations. Stephanie saw me jive out of the room like that and started giggling like a catholic schoolgirl. You’d think she’d never seen someone do that before. I’m starting to think that, aside from my nightly antics, Stephanie does not usually come into contact with many actors. She’ll come back to the kitchen right as I’m in the middle of one of my outrageous laughing fits and just cock her head and get this quizzical smile on her face like she’s trying to place exactly which planet in the solar system I came from. I don’t let it get to me. I know she feels confused but deep down she’s enjoying it. That’s why I just keep on with the jazz hands.

    • Muv
    • January 13th, 2010

    I just love your sense of humor…..keep it coming!!….love…..muv

    • Eryn
    • January 15th, 2010

    Hey, love your blog – Fellini, Gaga to Heidi – you are trippin

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