It’s never goodbye. Always “See you later!”

I worked my last night at the restaurant yesterday. It was, on every level, wonderful. I had some of my highest sales in three or so years of waiting tables in addition to some wonderful customers (aside from those last two tables that pretty much set up camp, but we’ll ignore them). All that wonderfulness aside, my favorite part of waiting tables: getting to work with my extremely wonderful fellow waiters. It’s amazing the bonds you form while serving food to the public. There’s a solidarity in being part of the serving class, even if it’s just a few nights a week.

A decent-sized group of us went to Harp’s Irish Pub around the corner after work to celebrate my successful last night. It was so nice to sit down and talk while having a bartender serve US for a change. Tiffanie, one of my coworkers who I am especially obsessed with, is a photographer by trade, server by financial necessity. She’s been a part of major projects in both NYC and LA and is now based in Atlanta. We cracked one another up with our crazy stories from the entertainment industry. I already feel like I’ve known her for months, even though I really just met her about 2 weeks ago. Strange.

That got me to thinking about the relationships actors form. As an actor, you basically have two choices. You can either be a lone wolf, à la George Clooney in this year’s brilliant film “Up in the Air”, only being as social as is necessary OR you can love deeply with every fiber of your being, no matter how short your time is. I choose the second. I form bonds quickly and deeply and then miss people terribly when either they or I have to leave. Sure, sometimes the ache you feel missing someone is so terrible that you vow never to connect that deeply again, but who is the real loser in that situation?

In my experience, it is always best to live fully.

    • Eryn
    • January 18th, 2010

    of course you do, love – la dolce vita no matter how far and fast we go down in flames……the fire beats the fear every time……

    • Teresa
    • January 18th, 2010

    I love this about you…and I can relate to it fully. You know I was on the road when I was your age….traveling from town to town for a full 2 years. I met so many great people, had wonderfully intense times with them and enjoyed it all. I know this will be true for you too…..

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