Muscle Memory

We ran through the entire show today for the first time since our closing performance. I felt nervous going into rehearsal since we hadn’t touched the material in over two months, but it came easily. As soon as the music played, my feet knew exactly where to take me. Of course there were little hiccups here and there where one, or more often all, of us would blank out on a sequence or forget the order of things, but we did a great job over all.

The human body’s ability to remember always catches me off guard. It makes me feel like I’m an orb of thought processes, likes, and dislikes inhabiting a foreign host body full of surprising powers. There are always so many secret abilities waiting for me to unlock them. Which reminds me – I have a new phone.

My parents got me a brand spanking new Motorola Droid for Christmas, marking my entrance into the era of the smart phone. Coming from a really basic LG flip phone, I’m in a whole new world. This thing constantly surprises me with its little beeps and whistles. I never know whether it’s telling me I have a new message or that the world might be ending soon. My phone is officially smarter than me. One day though, I will master my phone. It won’t have any tricks left to pull on me. The body, however, never stops surprising you. However, one day it will start surprising me with uncanny DISabilities, which I am not looking forward to, but that’s another day down the road.

Sorry if my posting hasn’t been as regular. Please bear with me as we go through rehearsals. I’ll be back in full force once we get out on the road. Again, thank you so much for reading! Please come back!

    • Muv
    • January 21st, 2010

    Oh, Dylan, I so enjoy hearing what goes on in that wonderful mind of yours and it is like having a little visit with you…….muv…keep on keepin’ on…..

    • Deb Hauck
    • January 31st, 2010

    This is one of my favorite posts. I like thinking about your discovering what your body remembers and can do. Yes, I am at a different stage of my life.

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