The song “Tik Tok” has been lodged in my head since I first heard it and I have no shame saying that I love this song! Ke$ha was a total mystery to me when “Tik Tok” started getting radio play. I figured I was hearing a new single by Katy Perry, trying to imitate Lady GaGa’s sound, but then I saw the music video and realized we have a feisty new girl on the pop scene.

The lyrics are a bit – well – dumb, but thought-provoking. I, for one, always start pondering on how P. Diddy actually feels in the morning when I hear the opening line. I never come up with any sort of answer that makes sense of the lyric. I also never understand why Ke$ha would be angling for a guy that looks like Mick Jagger, or why anyone would brush their teeth with whiskey.

Intentional misspellings and nearly nonsensical lyrics aside, this song is so much fun! She’s starting to craft a cool little niche for herself in pop music. I see Ke$ha as a pop music gateway drug. The music sounds like what you’d hear on Radio Disney, but the lyrics are all about getting drunk and partying like crazy. I imagine that Miley Cyrus might have recorded this song if it weren’t for her Disney contract. “Tik Tok” is, after all just “Party in the USA” with a few shots (or a full handle) of Jack Daniels thrown in. Who knows if Ke$ha will last or be a one-hit wonder, but either way I’mma fight til’ we see the sunlight.

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