The Naming of Boxes

We had our first load-out and load-in practices for our Route 66 tour yesterday. We stumbled around at first, trying to find a rhythm within untangling cords and dismantling wall flats, but we eventually got everything out to the truck. One of the things we did to make the order of items we are packing in the truck easier to remember was name them. I’ve never toured with this group before so I just assumed we would be naming things Box A, Box B, Box C, and so on. I should have known better. The crazy redhead in our cast, Mr. Casey Ross, was given naming duty. Rather than stick with a straightforward lettering method, Casey got creative. Here are some of my favorite names he picked out.

  • Piano Box – “Elton”
  • Guitar Case – “G. Love”
  • Bass Case – “Basie”
  • 4 rolling boxes – “The Marx Brothers -Chico, Harpo, Groucho, and Karl” (Karl was my idea)
  • Box of Mic Cords – “Beeker”
  • Box of Lighting Equipment – “Bunsen”
  • Prop Radio Box – “Howard Stern”
  • Speaker Box – “Animal”

Just one more reason I am excited about touring with this crazy cast!

    • Muv
    • January 26th, 2010

    Very clever… all will have a ball…..but hopefully no bat!…..loads of love…..muv

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