Getting “LOST”

My friends Jono Davis, India C. Winslow, and Zack Thomas threw down the gauntlet last week. My challenge, should I choose to accept and accept I will: Completely catch up on all episodes of ABC’s popular show LOST in time for the series finale on May 23rd, 2010. 120 total episodes before the finale. 116 days to watch them all. Thanks to Zack, I how have seasons 1-5 on DVD. Season 6 will be available to watch on as it airs.  Can I do it? Wait and see!

I’m really glad I’m finally going to get into this show. For whatever reason, I missed the bandwagon when it took off during my freshman year of college. My friends and I were all caught up in Grey’s Anatomy. For some reason, I thought the neurotic freak-outs of a surgical intern were really interesting back then. That show lost me a few seasons ago and I’ve been mostly television free since then save for a boring week in Tennessee this summer when I rented seasons 1-4 of Weeds and finished every episode and followed up with the entire Dead Like Me series the next week. This LOST adventure is more daunting than both of those combined but I have faith in me!

Any LOST fans reading? Let me know in the comments…but spoil anything and I will END you!

  1. I won’t spoil anything for you, but feel free to ask me any questions you might have! I’m a big LOST nerd.

  2. YAY! Good luck, my friend. I really do hope you enjoy it. And you BETTER keep me (and all of your LOST friends) updated on your ongoing thoughts, surprises, and opinions about the show.

  3. Good luck! I love LOST soooo much. Feb. 2 needs to get here NOW. I hope you enjoy…it really is a great show!

    • Scott Grier
    • January 28th, 2010

    Oh man, you’re in for a treat. I’ve been watching since the pilot and it’s hell trying to get me away from the abc message boards during the seasons.

    I personally enjoyed S:2/S:5 the best.
    Be warned, you’ll probably find yourself going back to earlier episodes and watching them again once you get into the later seasons. So manage that time well so we can discuss the upcoming glory!

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