Happy Carol Channing Day!

In honor of the unmistakable Carol Channing’s 89th birthday, I would like to share a video.

I know it’s not actually Carol. It’s a Chucky-style puppet head version of Carol, but it’s amusing nonetheless. She (or a really good impersonator) is singing a 1980s punk song called “The Shrink” that is now a viral hit on YouTube.

Carol is one of the most unlikely musical theatre legends in my mind. She’s a born entertainer, yes, but her voice is not very flexible and her looks are distinctive enough to prevent her from ever disappearing within a role. Somehow she overcame these setbacks and made them her trademarks, serving as an inspiration for quirky character actors everywhere. Here’s to you, Dolly Levi..er…CAROL CHANNING!


(original “Why do you think you are nuts?” video after the jump)

    • P-didy Moss
    • February 1st, 2010

    So when you get famous like her, am I going to get to mooch off of you?
    (The answer better be yes)

  1. Um… I know this is going to blow your mind, but the lead singer of the Why Do You Think You are Nuts video literally IS my good friend Scott’s grandmother…who I have met.

    Oh and i figured this out AFTER I discovered this video, like freshman year. My life was made complete. bahahaha

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