Project Hotel Key – Huntsville, AL

I’m starting a new tradition. I am taking a picture of my key at every hotel on this trip and posting here on the blog. I figure it’s a neat way to keep track of where I’ve been while letting you guys know a bit about where I am as well.

Here’s the first one:

Holiday Inn – Huntsville, AL

What a great hotel to start with! I felt so spoiled during this stay. Not only do they have the softest hotel beds I’ve ever encountered (complete with FOUR pillows), and a massaging shower head, they have a great bar. Their bartender, Anita, really enjoyed getting to know us actor types. She gave the last call notice at least five times. Each time she would come over to us and ask if we wanted anything else. “Last Call” is a loose term in Alabama, it seems. I joked with my friend Lena that she was probably sneaking shots behind the bar: “One Amaretto Sour for you…and one for ‘Nita! Huzzah!

We drove home to Columbus today after four packed shows in three days. Each audience was more appreciative than the last. I didn’t even think that was possible after our amazing opening. If our other venues are even 1/4 as accommodating as Merrimack Hall, we are in GOOD shape!

Okay, LOST friends, I know you are all curious about my progress. I watched five more episodes on the bus today. I am loving it so much and will certainly be watching at least another disc or two tomorrow on my day off. I know you’ll all be watching the season 6 première tomorrow, so enjoy it, but I swear…don’t spoil it for me! I’ll get there soon enough!

LOST episode progress: 8/120

Peace and blessirns. PEACE and blessirns.

    • Teresa
    • February 1st, 2010


    • Muv
    • February 1st, 2010

    What a great idea….I so enjoy hearing about where you are staying, comments about the theaters, how and what you are doing, if it is fun for you…..all that and more is wonderful…….muv

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