Travelling Like the Light – V.V. Brown

I feel compelled to let you readers know about my latest iTunes impulse buy. Her name is V.V. Brown and I’m loving her quirky music.  Listening to a voice that is the perfect blend of Alicia Keys and Adele, I’m ready to herald the second coming of Lauryn Hill. She’s been gathering steam over in the UK for over a year now, but her début album, “Travelling Like the Light” just dropped in the states TODAY. Her hit single, “Shark in the Water”, is the free single of the week on iTunes. Do yourself a favor, open iTunes, and download this awesome song while it’s free!


GAME OVER (live)

CRAZY IN LOVE (acoustic Beyoncé cover)

  1. VV. Brown is awesome, I hadn’t heard of her so thanks for the intro. I can’t stop thinking about “Blood in the Water” from Legally Blonde when I listen to this song. Anyways, her voice sounds a lot like Adele.

  2. I wish I was cool enough to have initials as a name. Oh, and she’s a mac user. Even better!

    • Casey
    • February 3rd, 2010

    I bought that today! I’ve been listening to it since!

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