Laundry Question

It amazes me how quickly I go through clothes, especially on the road. Loading an entire set into a theatre is messy work. I always end up with dust all over my pants and a few splinters here and there. There’s no re-wearing an item when it gets infused with a thick mixture of stage debris and sweat so it goes in the dirty clothes pile. One question – where do I put this pile? I’m not sure how I’m going to organize my clothes on tour. I have two suitcases – one for clean clothes and one for dirty? Maybe I should bring a bunch of plastic bags. I’m hoping to have fairly regular access to a washer and dryer, but I don’t really know what amenities these hotels will have. If any of you readers have toured before or travel a lot, how do you solve this problem for yourself?

Thanks, readers. It’s back on the bus tomorrow, so look forward to more updates from the road!

    • madge
    • February 4th, 2010

    pick up a nylon drawstring laundry bag. yyou can get them at linens n things or bed bath n beyond or some kind of home s store. i be t even target or walleworld hast them. you can also do laundry in your sink with a little bit of woolite. and then drap your hotel furniture with th your skivvies.

    • rex
    • February 6th, 2010

    be careful with the woolite – your mom thought it was shampoo and – well the rest is too unpretty to tell

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