Big White Room

I first found out about the lovely Jessica Cornish via Andrew Keenan Bolger‘s blog. After watching her first video, “Big White Room,” I immediately subscribed to her YouTube account. Her voice is unstoppable and her songwriting very catchy. She actually wrote “Party in the USA,” which became a huge, inescapable hit for the marginally talented Miley Cyrus. My favorite thing about Jessie though is what I call Ugly Riff Face. Any time this girl sings a melismatic passage, her face twists into an ugly frown. I tested the technique out. It actually works. Your riffs WILL be cleaner if you make Ugly Riff Face while singing them.

Anyway, this is her latest video, a tribute to her début. “Big White Room” recorded in a bathroom in Atlanta. Enjoy.

  1. ha I totally commit the “Ugly Riff Face” when I play guitar…. the emotion of the music consumes you so much it even consumes your face.

    • Deb
    • February 8th, 2010

    Hi Love,

    I am as far north as you can get in this country-up at the tip of Maine. It is so cold. Tomorrow I am going to try ugly riff face with my group. Seems to work for her. What a voice.

    Are you in the Carolina’s? Hope you aren’t too spoiled by your B and B. Sounded great. You sound great. I love you.

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