LOST, with no intentions of being found.

LOST Episode Count (20/120)

I have to confess: LOST is holding me captive. I liked it at the beginning for its well-written characters, gorgeous score, and beautiful Hawaiian locations, but what keeps pulling me in are

the cliffhanger endings. The episode goes along nicely, wrapping up everything it lays down, and then throws a new detail into the plot during the last 5 minutes, leaving you with no clue what will happen next. What is in the hatch? What do the numbers mean – are they cursed? Most importantly, why are there polar bears on a tropical island? My dad stopped watching the series

for this exact reason, but I can’t get enough. My tour mates can attest: my laptop (pre-loaded with my current LOST disc) flips open and my noise-canceling headphones cover my ears the very second I sit down on the bus. For the next however many hours, I struggle on a mysterious island right alongside Jack, Kate, Charlie, Locke, and, my favorite character, Boone.

I guess I should probably tell you that I’ve had a slight infatuation with Ian Somerhalder, the actor who plays Boone on LOST, ever since his film breakout in Roger Avary’s 2002 film “The Rules of Attraction”. Ignoring that he looks nothing like me, I decided that I wanted him to play me in the film version of my life. At that age, I knew I would grow up and look just like him. That didn’t exactly happen, but you play the cards you’re dealt, right?

I’m not sure whether I really like Boone as a character. He whines a lot, he’s overly obsessed with his step-sister, and he trusts Locke way too much; but when the make-up artists slather oil and dirt all over Ian Somerhalder’s sculpted arms and he starts making his brooding, model-cum-actor stares, I can’t resist. He’s just so . . . mind-numbingly gorgeous.

Unfortunately, Boone just, well, um… (SPOILER ALERT) died. I’ll miss you, Boone Carlyle.

  1. I LOVED Ian Somerhalder in “The Rules of Attraction”. You know, he currently resides in Atlanta because ‘Vampire Diaries’ films here. I swear…if I ever bump into him in a bar…oh my…

    But the ending of the episode you just watched ALWAYS breaks my heart. There’s just so much going on. Maybe it’s coincidence that a new life was born as another was ending…hrmmm…
    Glad you’re still enjoying it. Sorry it’s holding you captive. Go Sun! 🙂

    • He lives in Atlanta! I think this means we need to go bar hopping when I’m next in town.

    • Nathan
    • February 7th, 2010

    You know its kind of unlikely to think that he would be the actor playing you in a biopic mostly because he won’t look younger when you are older or dead (which means he’ll probably also be dead) and they decide to make it. Oh, and you need to do something crucially important in order for that film to happen, so better get on it.

    • My life is already of monumental importance. I have a blog to prove it.

      Kidding…and I guess it really wouldn’t make sense for him to play me in a movie. The person who will do that is probably not even born yet.

  2. I love Lost, obviously, and I greatly appreciate this blog because it’s nice to see that someone else sees Lost the way that I do. I had issues with Boone, until just before he died for the reasons expressed above, but like 3 episodes before he died I fell in love with his innocence. I encourage you to continue watching, though you clearly don’t need it, and I hope that Lost lifts your life the way that it does mine because nothing really can lighten my mood than watching Lost, talking about , or reading a Lost blog (which I wouldn’t encourage until you’re caught up haha).

    • I definitely need no encouragement. I’m locked in, lol.

      I’m so glad I have you and Jono to talk to about all these crazy developments.

  3. ha I feel the exact same way you do for Boone, but for Shannon….. so incredibly gorgeous. The character isn’t so awesome… but the actress, oh my gooooddddd

    anyway, I am a complete, total, Lost junkie….I’ve followed it since the premiere of Season 1. Religiously. I have all the seasons on DVD, and I’ve seen every episode at least 3 times, no exaggeration—once when it came premiered, twice when I first got the DVD’s when they were released, and for the third time during the Grand Lost-Rewatch that all of us in the LOST community partook in before Season 6 (there is a cult-following online for Losties). Some I’ve seen 4 or 5 times, I usually cry in those the most… like a boss. This is the greatest show ever created. My friends love to pick on my fanatical zealousness for LOST, but I chide them all the same for being blind to the beauty of it (it’s much more fun on my side anyway). So lemme just say that I am cheering for you in your LOST endeavors.

    anyhoo, just to feed your thinking for what’s to come… This is the same thing I tell every one of my friends who gets into LOST:

    think back towards the beginning of the show… If you recall, in the episode “House of the Rising Sun”, Jack and Kate find two skeletons in the caves. One was a man, one was a woman, and he found two stones on them—one black, one white. “Our very own Adam and Eve,” as John Locke (the man) said. Well this is what the chief writers had to say about that (don’t worry, no spoilers):

    “There were certain things we knew from the very beginning. Independent of ever knowing when the end was going to be, we knew what it was going to be, and we wanted to start setting it up as early as season 1, or else people would think that we were making it up as we were going along. So the skeletons are the living — or, I guess, slowly decomposing — proof of that. When all is said and done, people are going to point to the skeletons and say, ”That is proof that from the very beginning, they always knew that they were going to do this.””

    When you get midway through Season 5, I’ll tell you my theory on those skeletons. i’m glad you’re watching it man

    continue the search for beauty and meaning my friend
    peace out

  1. February 11th, 2010

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