Project Hotel Key – Statesboro, GA

Historic Statesboro Inn – Statesboro, GA

Looking across my tour schedule, I see many city names that I have never heard of. Therefore, I rarely have a clue what to expect when we roll into a new place. I try to limit my expectations, but I can’t help but wonder if we’ll be sleeping in another stinky hotel with stained sheets and rusty sinks. The Historic Statesboro Inn exceeded all my expectations, save one: no internet connection; small complaint when you consider the working fireplace right across from the bed!

The entire bed and breakfast is adorable. Constructed in 1905, the main house contains a restaurant on the first floor, where they serve a delicious breakfast every morning, and seven uniquely decorated guest rooms on the second floor. Our touring company had the second floor all to ourselves!

It was so nice to stay at an inn that felt like a home. The wallpaper may have been tacky, but it had character. Every item in the room had a history. I found myself wondering about who had stayed here before us. How many travelers sat in front of this fireplace to warm themselves up? My very bed might have been the location of a newly married couple’s first night together. How charming is that?

This was my first stay at a bed and breakfast. I’m certain it won’t be the last.

More photos of this lovely inn after the jump.

Gorgeous sitting area in my bedroom suite.

Pretty garden view outside the bathroom window.

My bed – note the beautiful quilted bedspread.

Our gorgeous bass player, Lena Thomas, showing off the Monet in her room.

Heatherlyn Egan, lighting designer and novelist, relaxing on her bouncy bed.

    • jefholbrook
    • February 7th, 2010

    Hey, here’s a fun game: keep a hotel key when you get an extra (of the “Card” kind, not the key kind) and hold it. Next stop, when you turn your hotel key into your tour manager (is it Gil?), give him the wrong key, the key from the previous, not current, hotel. Keep trading keys each stop and don’t tell him. See how long you can go before he notices your key is different from everyone else’s. I played this game until California. It kept me sane.

    • That’s hilarious! Gil is our manager. Oddly enough, he’s not asking for any of these keys back. I’m usually just leaving them in the room.

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