Project Hotel Key – Barnwell, SC

Days Inn – Barnwell, SC

We’ve come to a difficult point in our journey. I was hoping to avoid it as long as I could, but here it is, the chihuahua of the swan family: The Motel. Now I’m not sure if it’s a result of me being spoiled by the amazing Bed & Breakfast in Statesboro, or the ants in the sink, but I find myself a little underwhelmed. We arrived yesterday – right in time for the Super Bowl. In true Dylan fashion, I did not watch the game. I opted instead to lay out on the bed, write some blog entries, and watch a few LOST episodes with a to-go box of bourbon chicken from this lovely Chinese establishment down the street.

We had an adventure of a load-in today. Our producer warned us there would be times when we would come across “Mission Impossible” performance spaces. I don’t think he meant we’d be suspended from the ceiling on wires, but that we’d be dealing with less-than-ideal situations. He told one ridiculous story about a show he played at a church where there was still a full drum kit set up in the middle of the stage when his crew arrived to set up. I knew this was an exaggeration, if not a flat-out joke. No one is that dense. If there is a show coming through your venue that requires a certain amount of workable stage space, you make that space available. Today, we played a church. We walked into the stage area and what do we find in the middle of our performance space? A full drum kit. We got the staff to take the drums down and then realized there was still not enough room for our set. What to do? What to do?! Do like Tim Gunn says and “Make it work!” Thank the good Lord for a wonderful Technical Director and Tour Manager. We condensed our set and minimized our costume changes, enabling us to put on a great show for a receptive, engaged audience.

Mission Impossible made possible. Basically, we rock.

    • rex
    • February 9th, 2010

    you will be proud to know that both your mother and grandmother watched the entire Superbowl and that by the end of the third quarter your grandmother had stopped asking what color jersey the University of Tennessee was wearing…more entertaining than the commercials

  1. Hilarious. At least I know it was between the Colts and the Saints!

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