Project Hotel Key – Washington, NC

Hampton Inn – Washington, NC

I love any occasion when I get to stay in a bed for more than one night. With so much packing and unpacking, I start getting dizzy. A day off to refocus myself is always more than welcome.

Our bus rolled into our moderately luxurious Hampton Inn on Wednesday afternoon and I immediately went to my room to get online and start blogging. The internet connection isn’t the fastest, but at least it’s there. After I put up my first entry of the night, we took the bus over to Marabella’s Pizza & Grill, a local italian eatery. I am, of course, biased from my own restaurant experience, but I thought the service was pretty awful. However, my Fettucine Pescatore was delicious. I forgot to take a picture until I finished eating, but you can see the large mussel shells and the two empty Peronis.

This meal was absolutely nothing in comparison to the decadent feast that the Turnage Theatre covered for us today at Pia’s Mediterranean. We ordered three appetizers. I really enjoyed their calamari. The baba ghanouj was splendid as well. For dinner, I ordered their Mission Fig and Chevre-Stuffed Chicken Breast served over rosemary fingerling potatoes and sautéed broccolini. It was, in a word, phenomenal. Sadly, my phone died right as we were sitting down, so I didn’t get to snap a picture of it. I did, however, get to order a delicious piece of chocolate mousse cake. No picture of this either, but I may have let out a few moans upon tasting it.

The Turnage Theatre is a lovely space. It was re-opened in 1997 after about thirty years as an empty building. I snapped the picture above of the marquee they put up for us. It’s so cool to see the name of my show on an old-time marquee. It even lights up at night!

We gave them a good show, even if we were all still recovering from our post-dinner food comas. We still got the laughs and applause, and some drunk woman singing along and clapping off-beat during every song she thought she knew. You’d think we were encouraging them to drink or something. It’s a show with country music – what can you do?

Load-out keeps getting quicker and quicker. It’s really nice when we have good help at the venues. This venue sent the old guard old to help us. I generally keep a good respect for my elders, but there was one gentleman tonight that might have been a bit too helpful.

I start my load-out process behind the set, packing up the props and minding my business. This older man, who had obviously been around the block a few more times than most his age, comes up next to me and starts ripping up some of the sound cords from where we had taped them down. I love having someone experienced around who isn’t afraid to start wrapping cords for us, but what I don’t love is his insistence that he knows how we should run our show. He tells me that I used too much gaff tape in dressing the cords. I did not actually dress those cords myself, but I see no need to clarify that. I simply tell him, “We just do it the way our technical director showed us how to.” Not satisfied with my answer, he proceeded to tell me that our technical director told us the wrong way to do it: “Well, he isn’t the one who has to deal with all this f*cking tape! It’s gotta be his first tour. What an amateur!” What this unfortunate man did not realize while denouncing our amazing TD was that she was right next to me, helping to disassemble a wall flat, completely within earshot. Sexist and clueless is a winning combination in any profession.

All said and done, Washington treated us well. Tomorrow, it’s off to Spindale, NC!

That is, after a few cups of…

Coffee! I prefer mine leaded, of course – never unleaded. Better yet, pour me a mug of diesel!

Later days, my faithful readers!


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