Project Hotel Key – Spindale, NC

Jameson Inn – Spindale, NC

I just finished dragging my bags through the freezing snow to get to my hotel room at the cozy Jameson Inn here in Spindale. There’s about four inches of snow covering every outdoor surface. It’s not the slushy Oklahoma snow either. This is beautiful, fluffy, snowman-building snow. I snapped a picture of a tree branch outside the loading dock at the theatre soon after the snow started sticking.

By the time we loaded out of the theatre, you couldn’t even see the leaves. Lena, our bass player, grew up in Columbus, GA and also attended college there. She’d never seen so much snow in her whole life. It was fun watching her build miniature snowmen with her bare hands, so excited that she barely noticed the cold.

The performance hall, in the (ironically named, considering the weather) Isothermal Community College, is huge. It seats at least 1,500. Alas, our audience was not that size. We played to the 400 brave souls who challenged the weather and made it out for a fun evening. To give you an idea of the size of this place:

My favorite part: the blue rope lights lining the stairs. These lights stayed on for the entire duration show. I could see every single face in the audience – including the sleeping couple who left 4 numbers before the end. Thanks, guys. I saw that.

Tomorrow, it’s off to Walhalla, South Carolina! See you then!

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