Project Hotel Key – Walhalla, SC

Best Western – Walhalla, South Carolina

In Nordic mythology, Valhalla is a great hall in Asgard where the most brave and powerful warriors go to live and celebrate after they die in battle. Walhalla, South Carolina, while named after this hall of brave warriors, is not majestic in the same way – it’s more on the quaint side – and the residents are not brave warriors, but they’re funny!

We had a memorable show tonight. I always love the audience members who partake in a few pre-show drinks. Nothing spices up a show like drunk people singing along to songs they don’t really know as well as they think they do. That is, unless you run into technical difficulties. Those always add just the right amount of spice to any occasion. Our difficulties started right before the start of act two. I begin the act in the wings, waiting to enter. I was really surprised when our venue host, who looked shockingly similar to KFC’s Colonel Sanders, stepped onstage for what I assumed was the second part of his curtain speech. Every venue is a little bit different, so I assumed that this second speech was the protocol here – unexpected for us, but normal for the audience. Apparently, this guy makes really long speeches. That’s when I realized that the house lights were still up – we were not even close to starting the second act. Somehow, our wireless sound system lost signal during intermission, resulting in absolutely no sound coming out of any of our speakers. Colonel Sanders continued his comedy hour, pulling my fellow actors, Casey and Brian, into his routine. Thankfully, Casey took over entertaining duties, bantering with our semi-intoxicated audience. I’m not sure if this is a good thing, but they laughed just as much at his intermission jokes as they did during the real show! After about five minutes, our tech crew fixed the problem. The second act was excellent, much more playful with the fourth wall obliterated as it was during intermission.

Okay – I have to admit a regret. I regret that I don’t get more time to see the cities attached to these hotels and theaters. Today, as with most days, we drove directly to the theatre and immediately started moving our set from the truck to their stage, then we do the show. We just now checked into the hotel. It may be generic southeastern America, but I still wish I could see a bit more of it. Luckily, we will be in the next city for three nights AND I will have a room to myself. Score!

Thanks for reading! Check back in soon!

    • theyearofme
    • February 14th, 2010

    I’m so jealous that you’re getting to do all this traveling! You should see if one of the travel websites will pay you for reviews of all these hotels you’re staying at…

    I agree with you that the difficulties lead to interesting shows. A lot of times the inventiveness that comes out of fixing and stalling leads to other moments of creativity. It’s great. Most importantly, it makes those shows even more memorable.

    • rex
    • February 14th, 2010

    would love to see pics of some of the characters you are encountering

    • Muv
    • February 14th, 2010

    Dylan, I so look forward to your writings about the different shows, audiences and fun things you add…glad you’re getting to stay three days at this next place.

    I went out to the Cox farm last night as Jane, her grandson, Katherine and her boy friend were up from Knoxville…we ate up at John and Karen’s and had a good meal and entertaining talk…….love you….muv

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