The Lost Art of Spellchecking

Am I wrong to assume that multi-billion dollar companies will check spelling on the ads they run? I logged on to MySpace yesterday to check if I had any messages (I never do, because I never do anything with that site anymore), and came across this ad on the login page.

What do you see when you look at this advertisement? I can only assume that the advertisers wanted to draw eyes to the shock-headed male figure surrounded by the three angry band members with bad hair (and possibly a toupee on that guy on the left), but that is not what caught my eye first. Here’s what I saw:


I guess I should give the designer props for getting the correct spelling the second time, but that doesn’t forgive the first offense. Anyone who made it past third grade can tell that this ad contains a hideous typo. I’m not sure how it got past the MySpace webmasters. I guess they didn’t make it past third grade.

Bravo, advertising agency. Bravo, MySpace.

  1. Hahaha! I also noticed this ad on Myspace, but the thing that caught my eye the most is the band leader. Am I the only one that that sees that this dude is actually the female singer Pink with a 5 o’clock shadow?

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