Project Hotel Key – Hartford, WI


In honor of the late hour at which I am writing this entry, I decided to use’s “nightvision” filter on my room key photo. I know my card key isn’t as titillating as Paris Hilton, but it deserves some grainy, green photo captures too, dang it!

As you can see, the AmericInn’s major selling point is the quiet rooms. While I think it’s a bit much to show the actual construction technology behind it, I do appreciate the quasi-silence. I also appreciate the fluffy comforters on the beds. This is Wisconsin, after all. There is snow everywhere. It’s so foreign being in states where snow doesn’t draw everything to a halt. In Georgia, you get so much as an inch and all public institutions call a holiday. They’re used to it in Wisconsin. They know how to use a snowplow and they know how to heat a room.

Speaking of hot rooms, the theatre was rather warm tonight. I didn’t have much of an issue with it. I’d rather perform in a hotter-than-usual room than a space that is frigid. More important than the temperature though, is the space itself. It is gorgeous! I snapped a few photos right before soundcheck.

My view from the stage.

You can see the side galleries here – three levels.

Kinda looks like a pirate ship, no?

Off to Manitowoc, Wisconsin tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!

    • Teresa
    • February 21st, 2010

    Stay warm, Dear Dylan! And if you can, find some incredibly delicious warm, freshly made cheese curds….really….they are beyond belief delicious. Just beware….don’t eat too many…they have a wicked “clogging effect!” Have fun in the snow. Can’t wait to see you this week in Bristol. Will we be able to connect with you on Sat. after the show? What are your plans?

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