A quick LOST update!

LOST PROGRESS – (38/120)

I took a quick break from my LOST adventures after the epic season one finale. There was just too much to take in and my brain needed a break. I’m happy to say that I am officially back onboard the LOST train!

I realized during season one that something huge needed to happen to shake things up, or the show would fall stagnant and the writers would start picking the survivors off one by one. While I am somewhat surprised at the turns the show is taking (smoke monster?), I like that the plot possibilities are more open now. I seriously have no idea where the story is taking me anymore. Every episode only makes me more confused about what this island is and where all these people came from.

The only thing I can really say with certainty is this: Ana Lucia and Mr. Eko are a major improvement over the recently deceased characters they replaced. Both have incredibly emotional back stories, leading to complicated and dramatically rich interactions with the other survivors. I love what the arrival of the tail-end survivors did to shake up the structure of relationships already present among the original survivors. There was a fairly balanced chain of command established, except for Locke and Sawyer always jockeying for the top position, but now with Ana Lucia coming in as the leader of her crew, there are new power struggles for the writers to mine as they continue to take me on this wicked ride of a show.

Thanks for reading!

More to come as I keep watching!

  1. I’m glad you appreciate the tail section. They certainly add a new dynamic to the show. In terms of scope, they’ve peeled back another layer of the onion and revealed the Dharma Initiative. I love that season one was used to establish the characters and bits of the mythology. Now, in season two, they can have fun and REALLY set up an epic story.

    Also, keep an eye on Libby (the blonde chick from the tail section).

  2. I LOOOOOOOVE Mr. Eko. He is one of my favorite characters from the entire series.

    Ana Lucia on the other hand…I wanted to smack her.

  3. I have to confess to you: earlier I told you John Locke was my favorite character. That’s a lie. The truth is, I’ve always liked Eko more (I just couldn’t say that because you hadn’t met him yet).

    Although I connect to John Locke more, and I identify so much more with his struggles, something about Mr. Eko always has always drawn me in. He has such deep colors, an enigmatic energy, and a loyal, wholesome devotion to his passion. He is, in my opinion, the best-written character in the show. Totally awesome. I absolutely loved his episode, “The 23rd Psalm.” As far as Ana Lucia goes… She has absolutely no effect on me. If anything, it’s a bad effect. I really find the actress boring and dull. I feel like she is the same role in everything she does.

    I really want to talk about the Season 2 finale right now because I just rewatched it… But I can’t! ahhhh

    There are so many awesome youtube videos that I want to show you that relate to the show, but I have to pace it since you’re not up to speed yet…. but you’re going strong. You’re pacing the show very well for yourself, so keep it up.

    lemme know when you finish the episode titled “Not in Portland”… you gotta ways to go, but just lemme know so I can show you something interesting from that episode

    speaking of interesting things in episodes, did you watch that scene again with the smoke monster? if not I can just tell you what it is:

    when Eko confronts the monster, you see tiny flashes of light in the monster. If you look closely at those lights, they are “stills,” or images, of different events in his life. You’ll see shots of him with Yemi, people from the village he grew up in, the drug lords he interacted with, etc.
    pretty cool 🙂

    • In Ana Lucia’s defense, I think the show needed to be shaken up a bit. I thought it was a breath of fresh air to have such an aggressive female character.

      But you’re right. Michelle Rodriguez is often stereotyped into playing the same said character. But it was a cool choice to add a strong, think-headed female that could butt heads with someone like Sayid. She could also stand her ground with Locke, Eko, and Sawyer. 🙂

      Dylan, you’ll definitely have to update us when you get to the season 2 episode “Two for the Road” (Disk 5). Jon Michael, I think you know why…

  4. ha well of course I do… but by that point, he’s four episodes away from completing season 2… so he could just as easily wait it out…

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