Nina Hagen: An Artist Before Her Time? You Be The Judge.

Thanks to Roger for showing me this crazy video:

I imagine if you put Lady GaGa and Regina Spektor into a time machine/gene splicer and added a few extra doses of glitter and hair dye, you’d end up with something like Nina Hagen. She’s considerably quirkier more insane than either GaGa or Spektor, but you can see where she might have influenced them. You can also see the aspects of her music that, thankfully, did not rub off on future entertainers.

I’m actually surprised that this song made it to #9 on the billboard dance/club charts in 1983. It’s probably a product of my new-millennium conditioning, but I’m not even sure how I would begin to dance to this song without laughing. Between the ridiculous vocal delivery (which veers uncontrollably from impressive to intimidating with her aggressive german accent) and her multi-colored mohawk mullet, Hagen comes off, to my modern eyes and ears, as a Saturday Night Live character.

How would YOU dance to this music?

For the older generation reading this blog, did you ever listen to Nina Hagen in the 80s? If so, what was her reputation back then?

Comment away, my dear readers!

    • Jared J. Lekites
    • February 23rd, 2010

    From the moment I first saw the POKER FACE video, I thought Grace Jones, Klaus Nomi and Adam Ant were surefire influences on GaGa.

    Look ’em up!

    • I love Grace Jones! I’ve heard some of Adam Ant before. Klaus Nomi is new to me. I’ll look that one up for sure!

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