Project Hotel Key – Dublin, VA

Rockwood Manor


Hello readers!

I am writing this entry from my bed in the gorgeous Rockwood Manor. I don’t have a picture of a key to show you, because we did not keys at this location. In lieu of keys, we got run of the entire 3-floor manor – complete with a bar area, a billiard room with a pool table, and spiral staircases. The manor houses 10, so each of our 9-member road family got his or her own bed. I lucked out with what I am calling the “prince suite.” I’m currently lying in my queen-sized bed, across from a working fireplace. To my left is a sitting area. In the bathroom, there is not only a toilet, sink, and shower, but a huge jacuzzi bathtub and vanity. I have no use for the vanity, but it’s there. I’ve got a great view of the snow-covered Virginia fields outside my four windows. This experience is exactly the mini-vacation I’ve needed after an exhausting few days (more on that later).

Since I don’t have a hotel key to show you, I had a fun little photo shoot in my bathrobe. It’s soft. I’d tell you to touch it, but you’d only be touching a computer screen and it’s really not the same.

I took this one in the bathtub, because it’s huge…and I could.

You can see the pretty windows behind me.

I’m gonna miss this room.

Alright! Off to Richlands, VA!

  1. I stayed there when I got married, I believe in that very sweet, from the wallpaper I see around you. I loved the bathroom as well!


  1. February 26th, 2010

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