Project Hotel Key – Richlands, VA

Super 8 Motel

These hotel keys are all starting to look the same, so I got creative with the presentation because I’m just as bored as you are! I present to you, Super 8, by Andy Warhol…

Super 8 Motels are completely misleading. First, what is super about any motel? I’m fairly certain that the answer to that is – nothing! The hallways smell like smoke. The bathroom appliances are rusty. The a/c unit is falling apart. Plus, the fitted sheet on my bed keeps popping off and I assure you that I’m not over-exerting myself on this bed.

Also…what’s with the 8? There are more than 8 rooms. There are fewer than 8 floors. On a scale of 1 to 10, I certainly would not give this motel an 8. However, I made exactly 8 exasperated sighs when I walked into the room.

I realize I’m completely spoiled by the 10,000 square foot B&B we stayed in a few nights ago, but this motel is not cutting it for me. Not a fan.

We played a middle school auditorium tonight. They didn’t have a sound system, so we had to cart our portable speakers in, or that great of a lighting grid, but the audience was wonderful. Only 100 people, but they were very appreciative. It was a bit funny because, with the angle of the lights, we could still see the audience for the entire show. It was a little awkward for us, and I imagine for them. One girl spent the majority of the show texting, but most were smiling so I can’t complain.

Tomorrow it’s off to Bristol, TN! My grandmother is coming with about 25 people from her church. I cannot wait! I just hope the snow doesn’t hinder our drive too much.

Stay warm, my dear readers.

Have you ever stayed in a crappy motel? I want your horror stories. Leave ’em in the comments!

    • madge
    • February 26th, 2010

    once, on an 8th grade trip to dc/nyc/williamsburg, we were in this craptastic hotel somewhere in virginia. it was raining and we had to drag our suitcases through a drainage ditch turned river to get there. our clothes were all wet so we draped them over the heater to dry, and the door didn’t bolt, the wallpaper was peeling, and we were all sketched out. we ended up barricading the door with the hotel chairs so we could sleep.

    • Johanna Cabatingan
    • February 26th, 2010

    I stayed at an Econo-Lodge in Evansville, IN once that was absolutely horrible! Your description of the Super 8 is spot on to my experience with the Econo-Lodge. No fun.

    When I studied abroad, I stayed at a hostel in Brighton, England that was pretty bad as well. My friend Heath and I were in a 12 bunk co-ed room that smelled like feet thanks to the other lodgers and had a toilet that flushed…occassionally. *shudders*

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