Project Hotel Key – Bristol, TN … VA?

Holiday Inn

In my travels, I’ve come to recognize Holiday Inn to be synonymous with reliability. We have yet to encounter a Holiday Inn that is anything less than wonderful. The whole line is beyond reproach. Everything is clean. There are enough pillows. The fitted sheet stays on the bed. I have zero complaints! It’s excellent.

Our Holiday Inn is in Bristol, Virginia. However, our show tonight was at the Paramount Theatre in Bristol, Tennessee. The state line is right in front of the marquee. It was fun to know that a different state was on the other side of the road.

Some members of my family came to see the show tonight. I met them at this cute Bristol restaurant called K.P. Duty (menu available through link). If you are ever in Bristol, Tennessee or Bristol, Virginia, you must go check this eatery out. I ordered their Lobster and Spaghetti special. It sounded delicious, but I only got to have one bite in the restaurant before my alarm to get back to the theatre went off. I considered having it boxed, but the waitress told me I could just take the whole plate…so I did. I covered the food up with a cloth napkin, stuck a fork underneath and snuck away like a bandit. I ate the rest after soundcheck and loved every bite of it.

It’s wonderful performing for a crowd of fans. The Bristol audience, with about 30-40 friends and family members of the cast in house, loved our show. They clapped and laughed in all the right places and gave us two standing ovations. After the show, I greeted my family, took pictures with them (None on my camera. Shucks.), and introduced them to my cast mates. I love my grandmother’s ability to talk to anyone like she’s known them for years. I almost had to fight to get some face time with her. She’s such a star!

After loading out the set, we got to sign their green room wall!

Here’s the four guys:

Here’s some of our other company members who felt so special they had to get on a ladder and sign next to the ceiling!

Off to Kentucky tomorrow! Later days, my dear readers!

    • Nate
    • February 27th, 2010

    This is Rex and Deb on Nate’s computer – we are only an hour or so from you right now geographically – feels odd not to collide. I bet last night was stupendous…love you lots

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