Project Hotel Key – Benton, KY

Kentucky State Park Lodge

Tonight, we get to stay in the best DAM lodge in the whole DAM village. The lodge overlooks a DAM. It’s funny because, if you were to read my first sentence out loud, it would sound like you were spitting bad words. Okay…that was a really lame joke. Forgive me.

Anyway, the view here is gorgeous!

I got a chance to walk around the dam this afternoon before we left for the theatre. It’s a bit chilly here in Kentucky, but I’m thankful nonetheless to have something beautiful to look at that isn’t covered in snow.

The theatre provided a gorgeous meal for us tonight. We walked into the dining room and a lavish display of shrimp greeted us at our seats. Beautiful.

Dinner was a choice of filet mignon or grilled chicken. I went with the chicken. Delicious, but the presentation was not impressive enough to warrant a picture.

Dessert was bananas foster. I’d consumed my weight by this point, and really didn’t need to eat another bite of anything, but this dessert was THAT good. I’d already taken a few bites before I thought to snap a picture!

In other news, I gained over fifteen pounds tonight from one meal. I burned it all off during the show, so I have nothing to show for it, but I was looking and feeling like a cow after that feast. Thank you, Kentucky!

I’ll close with a collage of paintings inspired by our show, done by local high school students, that displayed in the lobby. So cool!

Waking up early to drive to Mt. Carmel, Illinois for a matinee tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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