Project Hotel Key – Mt. Carmel, Illinois

Super 8 Motel

Another Super 8 motel is upon me, but it’s not so bad this time. It’s newer, so the appliances are not rusty and falling apart. I also have my own room, which is wonderful enough to make me dismiss the odd smell of fish.

We had a matinee (not a manatee) today – our first of the tour. We had an excellent audience for a Sunday matinee. They laughed at everything.

My favorite part of the day was right before soundcheck. Lena and Heatherlyn went exploring and LOOK what they found!

They got jealous of us boys always running around in our blue jumpsuits, so they found their own and made name tags. Lena and Heatherlyn bring more than the estrogen – they bring the fun.

Tomorrow, it’s back to West Virginia!

Thanks for reading!

    • Teresa
    • March 3rd, 2010

    So glad it is going well……I LOVED seeing you in Bristol… fun.

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