Project Hotel Key – Williamson, West Virginia

Sycamore Inn

Sorry for the delay in updates. This is my first night with an internet connection in 3 days! I’ve got some catching up to do! First up: some scariness.

In a mining city built into the side of a hill lies a seemingly harmless hotel on stilts. It could be quaint. It could be charming. However, I’m gonna be really honest here and tell you that this is the scariest hotel I’ve ever lived through.

I, personally, did not have to experience many of the true horrors of this hotel. My tour partners got to have that fun. Between Reid and Brian finding a dime-bag in the stairwell and the sound-effect reel of either a steamy affair on the floor below or a grisly murder (the screaming was hard to decipher) keeping Lena and Heatherlyn awake until well past 4AM, we had plenty to talk about over coffee in the morning.

More words cannot do justice to this horrible place, so images will have to pick up the slack.

Cigarette burns in the comforter. Lovely.

Unexplainable stain on the dirty carpet.

Gorgeous mold and mildew under the bathroom counter.

Said bathroom counter detaching from the wall. Safety first.

Disgusting, moldy shower hooks. I swear I saw maids in the hall.

Horrifying accommodations aside, the show was great. I loved our audience. It was a fun show, even if we had to perform under work lights due to weird electric wiring or something. I’m realizing that these situations are par for the course when on tour with a company that devotes itself to growing theatre audiences in developing communities. It’s important work, but it can get ugly.

Williamson, WV: Another city added to my I WILL NOT LIVE HERE list.

  1. Holy MOLY I can’t believe ya’ll were brave enough for that.
    I’m most definitely a “bring a sleeping bag so you don’t have to sleep in the sheets” sort of gal – so – this just up’s my hotel phobia. UGH

    Me and a friend will be coming out to the show on the 23rd – WAY excited! 🙂

    • Muv
    • March 5th, 2010

    Thank goodness for the audience!!!! Sure sorry you all have to spend the night at places like that…..guess you’re getting a well rounded education, but some things we don’t want to learn about!!!!


  2. That is one frightening looking hotel. I’ll make a mental note to never stay there if I ever visit WV. Glad you had a good audience though. 🙂 Where else will you be visiting on your tour?

    • I have a link to our schedule on my “about” page. Maybe you can make it out?

  3. ok so sad day…the closet you come to TX is OK which cool and all, but i can’t make any of the OK dates due to work and money constrains. 😦 not cool. hopefully i’ll catch you on your next big tour. 🙂

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