LOST: Season Three Reactions

EPISODE COUNT – (72/120)

LOST. Oh,…LOST. You pulled me in once again with a phenomenal season. I don’t know how you do it, but I like it. I cannot get enough of your powerfully written characters, brilliant acting, and completely unpredictable plot lines. Each episode pulls me in further. I have to admit it – I’m hooked on you. I know it’s silly, but I think I may actually be in love with you.

I’m guessing most of the people reading this have seen every episode already, but for those of you that haven’t, beware – there may be SPOILERS ahead!

I know that many of you were not fans of the first six episodes of this season. You told me that the show would get back to its normal self if I just stuck it out through those six slow episodes, and you know – if it weren’t for my huge love of Kate, Jack, and Sawyer, those episodes might have been dull for me too. However, I think the narrow focus of those episodes gave the show exactly what it needed: clarity. Season 2 tried way too hard to incorporate each character into every episode, causing a muddled tone that didn’t reach any sort of chord until after Michael went on his shooting rampage in “Two For The Road.”Β Note to writers: Unless a character is doing something absolutely vital to the story being told, I don’t want to see them.Β When the Others captured our three amigos, the writers were able to focus on their interactions – going back to the character-driven drama that season one taught me to expect from the series.

Another important thing this season does is put a face on the mysterious “others” on the island. There are several faces that we meet, but none of them are as captivating to me as that of Elizabeth Mitchell. She plays Dr. Juliet Burke, an American fertility doctor tricked into coming to the island under the guise of a field study for a research firm after helping her sister conceive after cancer left her infertile. Unable to find a solution to why all the pregnant women are dying, Juliet tearfully asks to go back home. Ben denies her request, forcing her to become one of the “others” against her will.

Duality is a major concept in LOST, first set in play in the first episode of season 2, “Man of Science, Man of Faith”, which sets Jack and Locke as opposite sides of a yin-yang over the question of what will happen when they stop entering the code and pushing the button. We all figured out that entering the code was more important than anyone realized at the end of season 2, with the implosion of the hatch.

Juliet continues the duality motif in her individual character struggle. She is torn between her duties to the others and her own conscience. She hates Benjamin Linus more than anything on earth. He stole her away from her only family at the moment when family needed her most. Despite this hatred, she is controlled by Ben and continues to do his bidding out of fear for her life. Elizabeth Mitchell portrays this duality skillfully. If you look in her eyes when she is doing business for the others, you can see the pain underneath the steeled surface. My favorite Juliet moment of those whole season happens in “The Cost of Living.” She comes into Jack’s cell to play a movie for him. While the movie plays, she tells Jack that he has to operate on Ben’s spinal tumor if he knows what is good for him. On the movie screen, pointed away from the security camera, Juliet is holding up large signs begging Jack to kill Ben in the operation.

Skip to 2:30

Acting of that caliber does not happen regularly on television, but LOST brings it consistently!

Other reactions and questions:

  • As you could probably guess, I did not miss Michael at all. I have no clue whether or not he made it safely off the island, but I really don’t care. I also don’t know why Walt was so special to the others, but I do care about that. I wonder if season four will tie up that mystery.
  • I don’t understand Desmond’s flashes. I think that they bring a cool element to the show, but I still don’t understand why they happen and why they are always so accurate. I suppose it’s just another crazy effect of the island that I have to accept.
  • Okay – the smoke monster. What on earth is it? I know, from Mr. Eko’s death, that it can physically move things and people. I know that it cannot pass through the others’ electric forcefield. Aside from those two things, I know nothing about it. I don’t understand what it came from or what its purpose is. A commentary on pollution, perhaps?
  • What is Ben so afraid of? He won’t let anyone off the island. He lies about his entire history. He has to capture and imprison Jack in an effort to make Jack want to perform an operation to save his life. How does that makes sense? There is still something going on with the others that isn’t revealed yet. Why wouldn’t they simply make themselves known to the survivors? Why infiltrate their camp and steal their children away? If help is needed, ask for it. Don’t punch someone in the face and expect them to put their neck on the line for you.
  • Charlie had such a beautiful journey on the show. I loved watching him grow from a rock star/drug addict in season one to a loving surrogate father to Claire’s baby by the end of season three. He’s the first character killed off that I felt received the story arc he deserved. I’ll miss him, but the way he left felt right.
  • Nikki and Paulo…? Their inclusion on this season made no sense to me. I realize that there are swarms of extras running around on the island that we never meet, but there is a reason for that. It goes back to my theory on clarity in television shows. Don’t include anything that isn’t vital to the story. Nikki and Paulo’s actions didn’t affect anyone except Nikki and Paulo. If you cut every single one of their scenes out of the season, no one would notice. I suppose it was kind of thrilling to realize that they were only paralyzed and not dead when the tribe buried them, but the series never revisited that juicy bit. We have two criminals buried alive in the sand…oh well, they’ll suffocate.
  • Alex, daughter of Ben and Danielle, is a really interesting character. I hope they bring her on as a regular next season.
  • I have to comment on the finale and the Flash FORWARD! I spent most of the two-part episode confused about why Jack was so furry, drugged-up, and suicidal. I assumed it was a flashback that we hadn’t seen before. Maybe his wife leaving him really messed him up more than we realized, but I couldn’t tell where the oxycontin came from…until the end of the season when we see Kate and realize that this is what happened to Jack after leaving the island! It wasn’t supposed to happen!

I cannot wait to start season four tomorrow. I’m catching up quickly!

Thanks for reading!

    • Scott G.
    • March 6th, 2010

    Not gonna say much, but:
    I’m absolutely IN LOVE with Elizabeth Mitchell. Glad you’re a fan.
    Lots of quality acting on the show.

  1. -The showrunners have said that every time you see the smoke monster, you’ll learn something new about it. And if you think about every time you’ve seen it, they do answer SOMETHING about it, whether it be a huge revelation or a minor tidbit.

    -Juliet and Ben have been the best additions to the show, in my opinion. Elizabeth Mitchell and Michael Emerson can do no wrong.

    -Wasn’t the flashforward trippy? BUHHH! Season 4 is my favorite season, besides the first one. So, I hope you enjoy it! πŸ™‚

    -Check out LOST: Missing Pieces. They released 13 mini-episodes during the hiatus between seasons 3 and 4. They’re not crucial to the story and you can certainly pass on them and continue following the show just fine. They’re just fun missing scenes (not deleted scenes) that they wrote just for fans, over the 8-month break. For instance, what was Hurley doing while Libby was getting shot? Or when exactly did Juliet tell Jack that she was still working for Ben? Moments that aren’t necessary for the storytelling, they’re just fun to see. πŸ™‚


  2. Ahhh…the smoke monster. It’s true, you find out a little bit more every time it’s makes its appearance. It comes into play big time at the end of the fifth season if I remember correctly. You’ll be shocked…trust me. πŸ™‚

    And I totally agree with you about Elizabeth Mitchell and Michael Emerson. Michael Emerson’s acting in this series is phenomenal. And his character is so well written it’s ridiculous. Same goes for Elizabeth Mitchell’s character. And it’s true, you don’t see that caliber acting on TV very often anymore and they’re two of the greats.

    Oh get ready for the flash forwards. They make season 4 very interesting. I won’t say much more than that. πŸ˜‰

    Can’t wait to see what you think of season 4!

  3. Honey, NO ONE understood Nicki and Paulo. You are not alone in that.

  4. Yes Dylan, yes!! You have grown into quite the Lostie!

    (*wipes tears*) I’m so proud…

    anyhoo I love your thoughts on Season 3!! you really give it good justice, which is something that most people do not do. Your opinion is a unique one at that. I love how you see Juliet—not many people I know go into to so much depth and appreciation of her character as you do. I agree with you on the aura of the actress… I think, behind the scenes, she has one of the best and cutest personalities. Thank you for deepening my appreciation of her !

    I love your emphasis on the “duality” theme on the show… You are *spot* on! That is something they have set up from the very beginning of the show, the Pilot, when Locke–a white man— mentions the black and white stones used in Backgammon to Walt–a black boy. We also see black and white stones on the skeletons in the cave. Rose and Bernard are a black/white couple… the observations are endless (and there’s a wiki article on it!) Just wait till Season 6 πŸ˜‰

    I like your questions about the Others, Ben, and their respective motives. I remember thinking it was silly at some point too, about how they treat the 815 survivors so violently, when they could have been more diplomatic. Half of my explanation for that is because the writers want to make some suspense. The other half… you’ll find out in time!

    Charlie : ( … I completely agree with you that, although they killed him off, they did him great justice. Can’t say they did that with all the characters (*cough Eko*)! Although the thing about Eko is (and I might have told you this) is that the actor wanted to leave the show. His parents died around this time, and he wanted to go back to London where he was from and produce a movie about his life. Probably one of the worst decision an actor has ever made for his career (in my opinion). The writers originally intended his character to have an arc that lasted for the entire series of the show. I don’t know if I’ve ever really gotten over his departure. Sad sad…

    “[Nikki and Paulo’s story] goes back to my theory on clarity in television shows. Don’t include anything that isn’t vital to the story.” You are so right! You’re hitting the nail on the head about why LOST is such an amazing show–it’s one large arc with pieces that serve the whole. However when it comes to Nikki and Paulo… the writers were originally excited about them, and had more lined up for their characters. However, there was an *extremely* negative reaction to the characters from the fanbase. So strong, that the writers, already facing declining ratings, killed them off in a single episode. The writers are really good at adapting to their experiments of what works in the show and what does not. You won’t ever see them again.

    here’s a great Lostpedia article that you can read, I’ve screened it and it has no spoilers for you : http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Blast_door_map
    Just DO NOT click on any links to other lostpedia articles… very important to prevent spoilers. However, you can click on the pictures on the article to get a full resolution of the blast door map.

    “Cerebrus vent” is a reference to the ventilations of the Smoke monster. Cerberus in the Greek Mythology was a multi-headed hound which guards the gates of Hades, to prevent those who have crossed the river Styx from ever escaping.

    Also they reference different Dharma stations on the map. Ones you should know about:
    The Swan—-the hatch
    The Pearl— the surveillance station we saw in season 2 that surveyed the hatch
    The Looking Glass— the underwater station/submarine port where Charlie met his fate
    The Arrow—- a bunker/defensive station, where the Tailies stayed for shelter (where Eko found the second half of the Dharma initiative video)
    The Staff, a medical station to which Claire was abducted
    The Hydra, a zoological research station, the second island that Kate Jack and Sawyer were taken to.
    The Flame, Station 5, a communications station, where we met Mikhail

    There are others they refer to on the map you don’t know about… but you will in later seasons.

    Some more fun facts about the Monster…. right before Nikki and Paulo get bitten by the spiders, we hear the sound of the monster (the clicking sound). The writers deliberately intended that πŸ™‚
    touche to your friend on the missing pieces series… those were fun.

    Here’s some more funsies:

    • Season four is trippin me out. Just wait til I post my thoughts. Oh lord. So glad you read and comment as often as you do!

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