Project Hotel Key – Junction City, Kansas

Quality Inn

I’ve heard that you are supposed to make a wish at 11:11. I’ve never been one for wishes, but I think the symmetry of the numbers makes a good backdrop for my Quality Inn card key. Just kidding, I totally made a wish. I wished for two awesome nights in Junction City and IT WORKED!

Quality Inn is a great hotel chain. They are usually small, but always clean. They give you FOUR pillows which, while small, get the job done. I had my own room the first night, but Casey is here now and we’re having some laughs with Ms. Lena.

We played the C.C. Hoover Opera House for two nights and, let me tell you, Kansas audiences are great. Junction City is right off the interstate, so the residents are no strangers to truck stops and fast cars. Both audiences were great, but my favorite audience members both nights were Casey’s parents. He comes from a family of performers. Both of his parents are veteran actors in the Kansas scene and his mother actually used to be a can-can girl! I love any praise from audience members, but receiving raves from another actor takes the appreciation to another level.

Speaking of high praise, my first song (and most vocally difficult) got a major reaction out of one particular audience member. As soon as I hit the button (final pose, for my non-theatre friends) at the end of the song, I hear a loud “YEAH!” from the second row. I’m used to polite applause, but this was new. I thought someone got lost on the way to the football game, but no – it was Casey’s father, letting me know I done good. Awesome.

Another reason why Casey’s folks rock: Casey’s mom sent him back to us with a huge bag of cookies!

Thanks for reading!

  1. I make wishes on a regular basis @ 11:11. I haven’t seen one come true yet tho – we’ll see.

    I LOVE PILLOWS. The more the better!

    I’m super glad you got the praise of fellow actors – You know I think your’e great but I’m a terrible actor! much love ❤

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