Project Hotel Key – Oakley, Kansas

Travel Inn

We had another Sunday matinee today in a new city. That means I woke up at 6 to be on the bus at 7 in order to arrive at Oakley High School in time to set up for the show. I’ve never been a morning person and today did not do anything to change that. However, a 5-hour energy drink did wonders!

Matinees require so much more energy for me than evening shows. My body is ready for a 7:30 show, no matter what, but I have to remind my body what to do when a 3PM show happens upon me. Luckily, Oakley HS has a big wrestling program and that means a large wrestling mat on the gym floor – perfect for a private, “Black Box”-fueled dance party before the show!

The show was great. My theory holds true: Kansas audiences are amazing!

After the show, Nathan and I decided to walk down to the Pizza Hut. It turned out to be a mile away, but I’m glad we walked because we encountered some scenes of real American country.

We found Boo Radley’s house, of “To Kill a Mockingbird” fame!

Some creepy tree branches.

I like this picture – the power lines look like crosses on the roofs of the houses.

Awesome silo action right next to a train track.

I love birds sitting on wires.

As you can see, Oakley is a charming town. There’s something slightly romantic about walking through a small farming town with a railroad going through it, almost like walking into a Nicholas Sparks novel. Any passing pickup might carry the man of my dreams. Doubtful, you think, but it could happen – in fact, it almost did. A truck actually pulled over and called out to Nathan and I as we were walking down the dirt sidewalk. I turned my head and saw the figure this voice came from: a rather attractive, and surprisingly effeminate driver with spiky brown hair and a tight, yellow t-shirt. He asked if we knew where to find “Mitten’s Truck Stop.” I have a sinking suspicious that a truck stop named Mitten’s is not a destination for your ordinary truck driver, if you catch my drift. I suppose I could have been coy and flirtatious, but I went with my head and told him I had no clue, so he just winked and drove off.

Tomorrow, it’s off to three days off in another place I’ve never been before…NEBRASKA!

Thanks for reading!

    • Lindsay
    • March 8th, 2010

    This is Lindsay Z. by the way.


    • Lindsay
    • March 8th, 2010

    (I get really excited when something actually happens in my home state).

    Where in NE are you venturing?

    • Lindsay
    • March 9th, 2010

    It is! It’s…maybe half an hour away? I’m from Grand Island (nothing exciting really, like most of Nebraska.) Lots of corn, mostly.

    • Deb
    • March 11th, 2010

    Your grandfather was born in Nebraska and lived their until he was 7. Wymore is the town he lived in near Lincoln I think. Several generations lived there.

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