The Crazies

In case small towns weren’t scary enough, here comes “The Crazies.” The movie starts as a cheap fright flick in the vein of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” with a hint of “Deliverance,” but then evolves into a fascinating and terrifying government conspiracy thriller. I don’t want to say much more out of fear of spoiling the movie for you, but if you have a strong stomach and enjoy screaming, don’t miss this movie.

I will leave you with a list of things that now terrify me, thanks to this movie:

  • small towns
  • the government
  • pitchforks
  • farms
  • barns
  • tractors
  • medical centers
  • gas masks
  • truck stops
  • car washes
  • pregnancy

Wanna know why? Go see the movie!

QUESTION: (in creepy stalker voice, a la “Scream”) What is your favorite scary movie?

  1. I cannot wait to see this movie! Glad you liked it!

    • rex
    • March 11th, 2010

    For bone chilling, hair raising, hide under your covers and never come out – The Exorcist – I am still not quite sure that the demon did not jump from Father Damian right into me as I fled the theater screaming…

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