Project (missing) Hotel Key – Miami, Oklahoma

Holiday Inn Express


Dear readers: I slacked off on my job. In the six-or-so hours that I spent at this luxurious hotel in Miami (pronounced MY-AM-UHHH), I forgot to take a picture of my key. Sorry.

Instead, I’ll share some pictures of the gorgeous Coleman Theatre where we performed. Funny story: I performed The Music Man at this same theatre nearly 3 years ago with Light Opera Oklahoma!

However, before we get to the theatre photography, a different picture:

My Oklahoma City family and I on our first day in London last May.

(L-R) Me, Kate, Nathan, Sarah

The four of us lived together (Not in the same place, but two apartments in the same complex, as per conservative parental requests) my senior year and grew closer in that year than many friends become in a decade. They are all still in Oklahoma City, rushing toward May’s graduation day, so they – with my dear friend Alli (not pictured) in tow – drove three hours to see me in the show! My college voice teacher and his wife also made the drive!

Side-note: See the unfortunate hoodie I’m wearing in this picture? I was so in love with it on this trip until, miraculously, I lost it. Someone up there is looking out for me.

Seeing them was the greatest gift I could imagine, filling the theatre with love and excitement. I couldn’t wait to get through the show so I could hold them and hear their voices. Sailing around the country without an anchor leaves me feeling cold and detached at times. It is beautiful and refreshing to receive a reminder of the thread from which I am spun. I would not be the man I am without these dear friends and mentors. Their presence in my life is a truth-serum and I am forever grateful.

Further exploration of missing people and the connections we make: CLICK HERE!


Now for some gorgeous theatre pictures!

Our set on the beautiful Coleman Theatre stage.

A view of the mezzanine.

The view from the back row of the mezzanine. Check that chandelier!

A slightly creepy cherub on the wall.

A closer shot of that gorgeous antique chandelier.

Santa Claus as The Undertaker in the Basement. Eek!

Miami was wonderful. It may not have a beach like its more famous twin, but it boasts one of the most beautiful theatres in the country. If you are ever in northern Oklahoma, I highly suggest touring the historic Coleman Theatre. I hear it’s haunted!

QUESTION: Have you ever been in a haunted space or city? Did you feel any strange sensations or presences?

Thanks for reading! Please check back soon for more entries!

  1. I haven’t ever personally been in a haunted location myself, but my mum and dad occasionally stay down in Tasmania (that little island off the bottom of Australia that no other country seems to be able to locate).
    Last time they were there they stayed in an inn nearby my uncle’s gallery; the inn is known for the small cottages out back, each named after one of the women that died in them(of old age or other causes, I’m not sure).
    Mum did mention that two drawers were open when she woke up that she swore were closed when she went to bed, but maybe my dad woke up in the middle of the night to get something from them?
    I’ll never know.
    All I know is that my mother is never staying there again. Ever, but I digress…
    …the Coleman Theatre reminds me of one of our theatres here in Melbourne, Her Majesty’s Theatre.
    Maybe that’s because my eyes are untrained as to the differences venue to venue, either way I’ll make a note to visit the Coleman next time I’m in the States.

    • That is a great story. I think your dad was probably messing with her. When I was living in a “haunted” theatre last fall, my friend Maggie used to leave coins at the foot of her bed. The other resident actors and I joked at the idea of sorting and stacking them in the middle of the night. We never did, and none of us ever felt presences. I once found a “cold spot” and got excited…until I looked up and saw the ac vent. So much for my ghost story. 🙂

  2. Well I guess I’ve had multiple “cold spot” experiences, but mostly they’re just when I’m half asleep and I roll too far across the bed to the uninhabited side, or back.
    I don’t think I could handle it if I lived somewhere that was known for ghosts; I have a pretty hard time when I come home and my brother or someone else has been in my room and something has been moved (or in the brother’s case, removed).

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