Project Hotel Key – Claremore, Oklahoma

Will Rogers Inn

Another single room night! What better place to spend it than The Will Rogers Inn? It’s your typical country motel – nothing overly impressive, but each room has a smoky, “I just helped a dirty old man cheat on his wife” charm that really makes me feel at home (just kidding, Mom).

The venue was great! We performed at a large Performing Arts Center. The stage is huge, and the staff was friendly and helpful. I actually ended up befriending two brothers that the theatre brought in to help load the set. The younger one of the two is a bodybuilder/football player who thinks he could be a rapper (he cannot spit any game to save his life, but he’s really quite attractive) and his older brother is studying aerospace engineering. The theatre provided food for us, and the volunteers got to eat too. This genius engineer had his textbook at the table while we ate lunch before the matinée. Why study during a meal? I don’t know who did this, but someone might have snatched the book up while he was in the bathroom. This someone might have then played an extended game of hot and cold ending with the book in the refrigerator. I really couldn’t say though. It’s still a bit of a blur.

The red hat ladies came to our show! I wish I had my camera while they were snapping pictures with us. They looked phenomenal. I didn’t realize that there were also red-feathered headband ladies too. One of these ladies came through the line and had us sign her hand. I saw that she still held her program, but she insisted that I sign her hand. As I dragged the pen across the leathery skin on the back of her hand, she let me in on a secret: I just signed the same hand as Elvis Presley! When she was a bit younger, Elvis shot a movie in her hometown. She saw him coming out of his trailer and mobbed him with every other girl (and possibly the more daring boys) in her city. When she got up to shake his hand and get his autograph, she realized that she had no paper. Desperate, she held out her hand and a pen. The King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley obliged. She didn’t wash her hands for about three weeks. I’d normally be disgusted, but for Elvis? – Totally worth it.

One final note: I don’t care how tired you are before a show. Do not chug two cans of Mountain Dew right before the show. Exhausted from only getting two or so hours of sleep for three solid nights in a row, I did exactly that. Within five minutes, I was fully awake, but I spent the entire first act trying not to wet my pants. I had to loosen my belt an entire notch! I managed to finish the act, in agony. As soon as our last song finished, I ran for the bathrooms like a fugitive passing border patrol. Lesson learned.

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QUESTION: Are you a soda drinker? If so – what is your favorite? If not – what keeps you away from it? Embarrassing pants-wetting story to go along with that?

  1. I love Dr. Pepper. Used to drink soda (“pop” in my neck of the woods) all the time. Only backed off recently, when I realized how much of my paycheck goes to it. ANYWAY, I remember drinking the stuff like crazy when I was in high school, and right before I went onstage as Curly in “Oklahoma!” I felt the urge and had to hold it in (in leather chaps no less) for the rest of Act I, all of which I was to spend ONSTAGE. No lesson learned here. Kept on drinking like a junkie for 8 more years.

    • Jake
    • March 16th, 2010

    Wow Elvis! See, you’re on the road to becoming a star! haha. I love the red hat ladies – I remember when I played piano for a production of Nunsense one time and they all came to the last who, basically taking all the seats in the audience. They had a blast and it was the most energy I’ve ever felt from an audience, it was amazing!

    I think my favorite soda is Vanilla Coke or Sprite. I go through phases, sometimes it’s Mountain Dew, sometimes it’s Dr. Pepper. But right now it’s most definitely Sprite.

    • Red Hat Ladies at Nunsense? I can only imagine how much of a riot that must have been. The show is geared directly toward them.

      Sprite is very good. I approve.

    • Christie
    • March 16th, 2010

    The nights were we had two shows for HAIR I would drink two cans of coke before the 7pm show and coffee before the late night show. I experienced the same issue. High-energy show. Jumping around the stage. No moment to leave until intermission. I would fight to get to the bathroom first. But at least, I was already naked.

  2. Thanks the author for article. The main thing do not forget about users, and continue in the same spirit.

    • Lindsay
    • March 20th, 2010

    I used to drink pop when I was younger. About senior year of high school I decided not to drink it anymore, and usually just get water or lemonade when I go out to eat.
    A few times last semester and this spring, however, I just get hit by an overwhelming urge for a Cherry Coke or Pepsi. So….I’ve given in a few times and gotten a pop from the vending machine. But I’m trying to keep myself healthy and drink more water (although I do also absorb way too much coffee daily).
    I think my favorite type of pop is Cherry Pepsi. Pepsi, in my opinion, is better than Coke.

    • I’m from Atlanta, so you can’t mention this to a soul, but I completely agree!

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