Project Hotel Key – Moberly, Missouri

Holiday Inn Express

I am getting really spoiled with these Holiday Inns. This location even had laundry service. For ten dollars, they wash, dry, and fold an entire load of laundry for you! So convenient for busy people like me.

We had a great show last night. Moberly is a small town with a small theatre, and we packed it. They really dug the humor too.

My friend Philip came to see the show last night. I hadn’t seen him in a year and a half! He’s one of my most discerning friends when it comes to theatre and he enjoyed the show!

We went to Taco Bell for some food after load out and stumbled upon a local redneck convention. Who knew that the most conservative hicks in the state would choose to have their weekly (nightly?) meeting at an imitation mexican restaurant? After waiting nearly 20 minutes to get our food, the rednecks left and we ate our late night meal in peace, catching each other up on our life happenings. After we were full of food and conversation, we decided to leave. Ordinarily, this would be the end of a fairly boring story, but then we got to his car and found this:

How often does this happen? Someone left their number for us on Philip’s car! First reaction: gut-wrenching laughter for nearly five minutes. If the Taco Bell wasn’t closed by that point, we probably would have received a noise complaint. Second reaction: Panic. Who on earth could have left this message? The handwriting looked like a woman’s, but we didn’t see many girls in there. It could have been one of the workers, or it could be a redneck on the down low. Either way = scary!

We got back to the hotel and Philip dared me to call. So I did – on the hotel phone so there would be no way for this person to track us back. I turned on the speaker and dialed. A gruff voice answered with a groggy “hello” and I proceeded, in my most professional voice, to inform this person that his or her “number was left on our car in the Taco Bell parking lot this evening in Moberly. Were you aware of this?” His/her response: “Um…….uh…” I called shenanigans on that answer and hung up. The Hardy Boys were going to need some assistance on this mystery.

We turned to dailybooth, a social networking service I’ve begun using where you take a picture of yourself every day. I decided to make the day’s picture one of Philip and me with the number. What do you know, Nancy Drew comes strolling out of cyberspace. A 19-year-old female user I’d never met before came across the picture and decided to send the number a text message, starting a correspondence with our mysterious admirer. Somewhere in this correspondence, a picture was sent. She decided to share the image of our admirer with us, and I will now share him with you.

Ladies and Gents, we have a winner!

I blurred his face for privacy, but this is the guy behind the number. His redneck firefighter buddies put his number on our car as a joke. I doubt he expected us to have the last laugh!

QUESTION: Has anyone ever left their number for you? Was it awkward?

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    • buzzkillcinema
    • March 17th, 2010

    YES MA’AM! You should totally go for it! With fishies like that, you won’t ever be craving seafood again! Yummers!

    • I don’t think I can ever look at a fish the same way again…unless it’s in a taco!

  1. omg. im dying. bahahahahaah

    • Carol Channing
    • March 18th, 2010

    something similar happened to me when I was appearing in Hello Dolly

    • hmwhat
    • March 18th, 2010

    HAHAHAHA omg! What a cutie! He’s got definite potential 😛

  2. There was this dude who had been trying to cruise me at a local park. One day some friends and I met there and ended up taking one of their cars somewhere else, when I came back there was a note in broken english asking me to “Call me this night,” ha! I suppose it could have been more awkward.

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