What is “Home?”

First thing: Caissie Levy is a gorgeous woman. I’m obsessed with her relaxed, yet completely supported vocal delivery. She is also a masterful singing actress, effortlessly communicating every single word.

Second: I think any person in college or out of college can relate to the message of this song. I know I can. There is a strange melancholy that sets in after your parents hug you. You know you love them and you love the familiar surroundings, but you also know that it’s not really yours anymore. It’s more like an extended stay at a Bed & Breakfast than home. People I meet on tour ask me where home is and I don’t really know what to tell them. I, personally, do not have a home. My home now is a bus and a seemingly endless string of hotels, and then there is my parent’s house that I am welcome to stay in whenever I want.

In short: You really can’t go home again.

    • Muv
    • March 20th, 2010

    I really haven’t thought much about “where is home” until I read this. When I was in college, the question was always where are you from and you told the name of the town or state. My first job was in Oregon and again people would ask where I came from….I guess my accent was the cause for that question. I rented a room in a lovely home while I was in Coos Bay, so after work I would go home to my rented room. The nice thing was they really offered for me to enjoy their home.

    When I came back from Oregon, I spent the summer with my parents. You’re right, it was not my home but I loved being with the folks. When I started work in Kingsport, my home was an apartment I shared with three other women. It was home because we were responsible for the rent, furnishing it, etc. When I married, our apartment was really our home. Ten months later we went to New York, had an apartment, furnished it, had wonderful neighbors and we were home. But the best home was when we bought a house in Croton-on-Hudson, truly became a family with our three girls, wonderful friends and we loved our life and our home. Your granddad, Rawlings died after we had only been married eleven years. When school was out, the girls and I moved and spent the summer with mother and dad.

    My next home was in Kingsport with my daughters. It took us a long year to make the house a home but we did it!!

    When the girls left to go to college, I knew my home would never truly be their home again, because they were starting on the same path we all travel.

    Two and a half years ago my second husband died and I am now living alone in my home. I am so fortunate as I love where I live and it is a wonderful home for me. I love to have my family come and visit and it is wonderful to visit with them in their lovely homes. I am a very fortunate person to have had so many special homes. My wish is for you to have many wonderful homes and a life full of joy and love.

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