Project Hotel Key – Van Buren, Arkansas

Sleep Inn

I think the first thing I should mention in this post is that Van Buren is in a dry county. I will also remind you that Wednesday was St. Patrick’s Day. If you put two and two together, you will see that our road company was stuck in a dry country on St. Patrick’s Day – a day devoted solely to drinking beer mixed with unhealthy amounts of green food coloring…oh and pinching people who don’t wear green. Regardless, we still managed to have a good time with our stockpile of concoctions from previous cities. Don’t tell on us!

We did the show tonight in another high school performing arts center. A few things:

  • I went to a performing arts magnet program and did not have nearly as nice of a theatre as these kids do.
  • Their cyc curves in an arc. It’s awesome!
  • They have a rock concert lighting grid above the stage that you can stand on!
  • They have cable TV in the dressing rooms.
  • They also have working plumbing in the dressing rooms.
  • My high school theatre kinda sucked.

Tomorrow, we are off to Louisiana!

Thanks for checking in! Please keep reading.

    • Jake
    • March 20th, 2010

    Jeeeze! That must have been a nice high school. It always amazes me that some schools have such nice theaters. The theater at my school, once upon a time, was nice. The fly space was 3 stories and the wing space was massive. And then they decided to turn the wing space into the choir room on one side and two dressing rooms on the other. And then they decided to cut off the 3rd floor of fly space and turn it into classrooms, so the fly space is drastically smaller. The theatre itself is still nice, but it’s so much smaller now 😦

    • I hate that they sacrificed amazing fly and wing space! Your theatre is now a dodo bird.

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