Project Hotel Key – Canton, GA

Comfort Inn

That pesky little key is hiding again. Can you find it?

Canton, GA is an adorable little town. If you’ve ever read the John Grisham novel, “A Time to Kill,” this is the town where that story takes place. I can’t say I’ve read it, but I do remember the film previews from when I was a little kid. I kept hoping the 1990s incarnation of Matthew McConaughey would walk right out of the historic courthouse doors and down the marble steps into the town square to dance with me in the courtyard. I realize this is a ridiculous fantasy to have in 2010, but allow me my simple joys.

There was no vintage, dreamboat (or washed up and stoned 2010-era) McConaughey to be found, but there was family! I think that makes for an even better day. I got a chance to have dinner with my parents and our dear friend Stephanie before the show. We weren’t sure where to eat, so we just walked around the town square until we spotted a bright red awning emblazoned with the words “FRESH FISH.” I grabbed my mother’s hand and tore off toward the joint like a homing missile, bursting through the doors of Goin’ Coastal!

I am so glad I did. Not only does this restaurant serve the most flavorful smoked trout I’ve ever tasted, they commit themselves to sustainable fishing practices. All of their fish are fresh. How fresh? No fish they serve has been out of the water longer than 36 hours, even the fish shipped from Iceland! How rare is that? Additionally, all of their fish are harpoon caught, eliminating bycatch, a term for the other animals such as turtles and dolphins that die when accidentally caught in fishing nets. What a relief! However, I saw shrimp on the menu. I’d done some reading on the environmental havoc caused by shrimp fishing. Most shrimp trawlers accidentally kill and discard 14 lbs. of fish and other marine life per pound of shrimp harvested. I contemplated miniature harpoons for a second before asking the knowledgeable waiter how they get their shrimp. He explained that their fisherman use highly specific sonar tools to locate exactly where the pods of shrimp are and drop the nets in that location, catching only what they intend to. Currently, they are only in Canton, but they are planning to open a location in the Virginia Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta in the next month. I fully enjoyed my healthy meal, comforted by the fact that I was being kind to the environment as well as my body.

After that incredible dinner, we put on an excellent show. It was probably our smallest audience so far, but definitely the loudest!. There’s a good reason for that – family and friends of the cast made up over half the audience! It’s an amazing night when I get to share my talents with the people who have been most instrumental in helping me get this far.

Speaking of family, I won’t get to be with them on my birthday this year (April 12th. I’ll be 24!) so they brought me some presents. One of these presents is especially exciting to me and will also be exciting to you, my dear readers. Pretty soon you will not only be readers, you will be VIEWERS! My family got me a FlipCam and, in the near future, I am going to add a vlog component to your reading experience. Get excited!

Alright, thanks for checking in! Next blog will be on Aiken, SC and I can already tell you – I have some EXPERIENCES to share. Get ready, readers.

QUESTION: What is your opinion on the sustainable food movement, specifically in regards to seafood? Does knowing about horrible bycatch carnage change your opinion of shrimp tacos at Taco Bell?

    • rex
    • March 25th, 2010

    two things – where is the key? in the front of the other printed material on the rack? and yes, yes, yes to sustainable anything. We have got to be smarter about our choices and kinder to the planet and other life forms, not to mention our own bodies – the fresher the food, the more nutrients in it are still vital and available to our digestive tracks to convert into energy and protoplasm.

    • Teresa
    • March 25th, 2010

    Hey Dylan –

    I am so glad you like your present and I cannot wait to see what you come up with! Sounds like everyone had a ball seeing you the other night.

    As for sustainable fishing, I believe we have got to start thinking this way on all things. My food choices have altered significantly. I only eat meat of any kind a couple of times a week and I have given up beef and pork completely. I have contemplated giving up all meat but I believe my body needs a little to be heatlthy.

  1. Loved seeing your show!!You are going to be a star..big and brighter than you already are shinning!! I can say I saw him when…..LOV and a real BUG HUG!!

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