BRILLIANT new web series!

Hurry! Your grandmother is on her deathbed!

You hop a taxi and get to her apartment just in time for her last words…but what are they? What on earth is this woman saying to you with her last words she will ever speak in this life?

Not sure, but…

Naturally, she means for you to start a Hall & Oates cover band.

The show is called “You Make My Dreams Come True” and I’ve already added it to my YouTube subscriptions. The super-quirky storytelling and hilarious comic performances make for what could be a really intriguing web series. I immediately recognized Aubrey Plaza of Parks and Recreation, who was also the funniest part of last year’s Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen sob/laugh fest Funny People, in an awesome cameo as a bitter NYC casting director. I hope to see more of her, and the rest of this campy cast, as the show unfolds.

QUESTION: Do you regularly watch any online-exclusive web series?

    • Rex
    • April 6th, 2010

    love this so much = can see you vlogging in a similar if different vein

  1. Waverly flams…. I always thought they were funny… but its not a web-series.

    that’s about all I watch.

    I really only watch random cool videos that people send me…. like this one (saw it today!) :

    • Danny
    • April 7th, 2010

    I like ‘The Battery’s Down’ and ‘Wiener & Wiener’ but those are the only ones I know of. Any other good ones out there, Dylan?

    • “The Battery’s Down” was great. I loved all of the awesome cameos from broadway folk. I haven’t gotten into “Wiener & Wiener.” I suppose I should check that one out!

      I can’t think of any other actual series, but I always enjoy “The Whitest Guys You Know.”

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