Project Hotel Key – Weekend Catch-up!

You’ve been a bad blogger – a very, very bad, bad blogger, Dylan.

My dear readers, I apologize for neglecting you this week. I found myself without an internet connection for the entirety of Easter weekend, making my regular blog updates an impossibility. Please forgive me.

That said, I have some catch up to do. First up, a few hotel keys!

West Jefferson, NC – American Inn

What I remember most about this hotel, aside from the interesting micro-chip entrance key, is that it looks very much like a hotel. The bedspreads are floral, but (hopefully) clean, and the artwork is reminiscent of what you’d find in the bargain bin at Wal-Mart. None of the furniture was especially cutting-edge or impressive. The interesting thing is that you hardly notice any of these minor detractions once your head hits the pillow. The body doesn’t care about nice art or interior design when getting its rest. The only demand your body makes of a room is the size of the bed, and this hotel’s are queen-sized, so I’m happy.

I say your body doesn’t care about anything but the size of the bed, but that’s not exactly true. My body has extreme sensitivity to noise when I sleep. I’ve learned to accept my roommate’s sleep-talking. It always wakes me up, but I can usually get back to sleep once he stops making noise. However, I cannot sleep through a gaggle of housekeeping ladies yelling right outside my door. My subconscious tried to incorporate the sounds into my dream, unleashing a horde of winged, blood-thirsty harpies onto a field of happily frolicking puppies. Poor things. After I realized what was going on, my Aries took over and I decided to do something about it. Still halfway in the harpy/puppy battlefield of my dream and in nothing but the underwear I slept in, I march groggily toward the door to confront these harpies head-on. Carefully cracking the door open, I poke my head out. None of these noisy harpies notice the door open, so I call out a gentle reminder that “some people are still asleep here!” The closest one walks into my field of vision, nearly knocking me over with her missing teeth, to apologize, “We were just settin’ up yer chairs.” I wasn’t clear on what she meant by this, but sure enough, there were about fifteen chairs set up facing our window. Thank goodness the curtains were drawn.

Camden, SC – Nation’s Inn

This was an interesting little accommodation. We only got one key to the room, and it was exactly what a door key typically looks like, and they had no wireless, opting instead for a DSL connection. They only had enough cables at the front desk for each room to have one. One key. One internet connection. I spent most of our time at this hotel playing on my Nintendo DS, which is a lot of fun for a while. I like to pretend I’m actually fighting vicious monsters. I often recount tales of my exploits to Lena, who is armed and ready with a dose of reality, reminding me that I’m really just staring at a small screen and pressing buttons for hours.

For whatever reason, a picture did not happen at this hotel.

With that, we close the second leg of our tour! One last big push through this month and we’re all bound our separate ways, but do not worry. This blog – this receptacle of stories and experiences – will live on far beyond the tour.

Thanks for reading!

QUESTION: Do you often feel uncomfortable talking to maintenance staff? I sometimes feel like they all hate me by default because they know they’ll have to clean my room when I leave.

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