Project Hotel Key – Blytheville, Arkansas

Quality Inn

Quality Inn…poor quality photo. Isn’t it ironic?

Arkansas is SO windy – windy enough to make me think I was back in Oklahoma. After such a hot easter weekend in Columbus, Georgia, where I spent the nights sweating without A/C, the wind came as a shock. It also hinted at what might be headed our way as we travel northward.

We stopped through Memphis, Tennessee on our way to Arkansas. My castmate Brian spent a few months working with Playhouse on the Square in Memphis, so he had a good idea of the lay of the land. Most importantly, he knew where to go for food. Central BBQ was the place to be. Not only is it in the heart of bluesy Memphis, it produces the best barbecue I’ve ever had in my life.

Elvis drank Pepsi. Fact.

I ordered the 1/2 chicken, and they do not lie about this. It is literally HALF a chicken. Baked to perfection in a sweet and smoky barbecue sauce. I finished my portion and felt very tempted to go ask for the other half. It was that good.

However…their spelling…not so great. Observe.


Some people are only good at one thing in life. If that one thing is making mind-numbingly awesome barbecue, I can let the spelling errors slide.

QUESTION: What was the best experience you’ve ever had with barbecue? Tell me about it in the comments!

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