Project Hotel Key – Fredonia, New York

Days Inn

I’ll be honest, this hotel was pretty terrible. After a string of rather nice accommodations, this Days Inn was a let down. The hallways smelled like smoke. There were no refrigerators or microwaves, and the beds were a bit too firm for my liking. However, this hotel gets by with its location. Fredonia, home to one of many SUNY campuses, is located an hour south of a little Canadian border town called Niagara Falls. With a free night in Fredonia, we would be crazy not to drive up.

The falls were gorgeous. I took a lot of video footage, which I am currently editing together, that I cannot wait to show you. For now, enjoy a few still pictures I took.

Mist everywhere. Casinos in the distance. Sun starting to set.

Simply gorgeous.

After watching the sun set on the falls, we hit up the Niagara-Seneca Casino for dinner and some gambling. We decided on La Cascata, an Italian restaurant named after the Italian word for waterfall (I wonder where they got the idea to name it that), splitting two bottles of wine and eating a variety of delicious entrees. I had a tasty Penne alla Vodka with grilled chicken and red peppers. Delicious.

Interesting tidbit: There are either an insane amount of heroin junkies in Niagara Falls, or this casino is really friendly to their diabetic patrons. How often does one see a biohazard disposal for hypodermic needles next to a restroom sink?

After dinner, we decided to try our hands at the slot machines. I’d been to Las Vegas once before and, though I walked through every single casino on the strip,  I didn’t play a single machine because I was not yet of legal age. Now well into my twenties, I thought it was about time I try my hand at some gambling. I thought, since it was my first time, I should start big. Of course, for me, “starting big” means I went straight for the penny slots with a five dollar bill. I inserted my money and pressed a button. I couldn’t make much sense of what happened after that due to all the crossing lines and shifting images, but when the world stopped spinning I heard a ding and my five dollar bill turned into six. The fates were obviously on my side, so I pressed the button again. More spinning lines and colors flashed before my face, except this time, when they stopped, there was no ding. My six dollars did not turn into seven, but instead went back to five. I pressed the button again. Again. Once more. I was sure my luck would turn around if i kept pushing the button long enough, but no. What started as five dollars quickly became two cents, and the machines don’t let you play with two cents. I inserted another five into the machine, in hopes that some fresh green would brighten the slot machine’s generous spirit, and continued my button pressing. In an odd turn of events, the gambling gods actually accepted my offering! That is to say, they ate it. Ten dollars. Gone. Poof. I’m magic.

Sound Engineer Nathan Lively marveling at the wonders of money wasting.

What a great day in Fredonia and Niagara Falls!

QUESTION: What’s the most impressive “world wonder” you’ve ever seen in person?

    • Teresa
    • April 12th, 2010

    I believe Angor Wat in Cambodia or Machu Picchu in Peru….Tony added the skyline of NYC but this isn’t exactly “natural”…


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